Our History

In Early 2005 the community started out known as, Hard Metal Rockers (HMR), founded by Red (Deceased), then co-founders Ethan "Rapazzini" & Chane "Deegon". The community consisted of quite a few young avid Battlezone II players during this time. Eventually the community got involved in voice chatting on the then popular teamspeak 2 application.

In Late 2007, Destroyer founded the name Fight till Death (FTD), making Ethan, Chane, and Destroyer as Official founders of the FTD community. FTD continued until around 2008 when both Chane and Ethan separated from the community.

On October 24, 2009, David "TopGun" and Ethan Resurrected the FTD name and purchased the domain ftd-clan.com on April 12, 2010. The primary game played was Battlezone II and expanded to Counter-Strike. On July 6th-present, Ethan launched an official teamspeak 3 server for the community. The community grew quite large until the FTD community split, and eventually renamed to its current name.

The Other Gamers (TOG) name was founded by Nathan "Jintolyn" mid July 2011, and on July 27th 2011 Ethan created The Other Gamers and by the 29th the community was officially known as TOG.


TOG has arranged meetups in various states over the years, here is some of the timeline (needs major details)

In June of 2013, then roommates, Ethan & Allen "RadiantFear" went to Ohio and gathered a group consisting of Wayne "Hwguy",  Chane, Bobby "Sour", Katie "Sweet", Josh "Jrush", Ryan  Sanford "RamRam" to surprise Nathan & Laura "Raphiella". The group all hung out for the weekend.

In 2013 the community members Ethan from Alabama, Meagan "Ashraella" from Arkansas, Nathan, Chane, Laura "Raphiella", BJ "Cimmone", Wayne, Katie, Bobby & Frank "Frank" from Ohio met up Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a community gathering and stayed in a cabin up in the mountains in Sevierville. Two months later Ethan moved to Little Rock, AR to eventually marry Meagan and now they have a daughter together.

In June 2014, Community members Nathan, Chane, Fabian, Josh took a trip down to Little Rock, AR to hang out with Ethan,  Meagan & Bob "Shep" for the weekend.

In September 2015, Ethan & Meagan took a trip to Ohio to hang out with Laura, Katie, Bobby, Brandi, Josh, Nathan, Chane, Wayne, Fabian, Ryan Branham, Ryan Sanford, Josh Cook

In May 2016 Ethan & Meagan took a trip to Ohio to witness the marriage of Laura & BJ.

In November 2017 Nathan, Laura, BJ, took a trip to Little Rock to witness the marriage of Ethan & Meagan.


Nicknames have changed over time, here is a table of real names and nicknames.


Ethan squirrel; Rapazzini
Ashley Ashleyy; Ashraella
Chane dark_lord, DarkReign, Deegon
David TopGun
Nathan Jintolyn
Laura Raphiella
BJ Cimmone
Katie Sweet
Bobby Sour 
Wayne HwGuy
Josh Jrush
Allen RadiantFear
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